Wings FAQ

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How can I purchase wings from you?

Most of my wing creations are custom made. So you can order exactly the wings from me you want to have. There are a lot of designs I already made. So you can choose your colour, your design and your size. This also means I am working with a waiting list. If you want to purchase some wings, just contact me via facebook, etsy or e-mail.

An other way to purchase is my etsy store. There you will find only premade things like wings, headpieces or other accessories.

How long do I have to wait for my wings?

Once I started your commission, I need 4 weeks maximum to finish your wings. So it might be you get your wings earlier, depending on how much I have to do due to my job, projects and collaborations.

Can you make some wings from a certain movie, game or other artist?

Unfortunately no. First we have some very strict copyright law here in Germany and I will not do anything which will be illegal for me or my company. Second and maybe more important – I respect intellectual property and creativity. I don´t want anyone to steal my work or design and so I don´t want to copy from others. Depending on fanart you won´t find wings here which are 1:1 the same. You can get some which might be inspiried by some, but always with my own design mark.

How do I wear my wings?

The wings have an „u-shape“ at the frame. So you can simply put them at the backside of your bra, corset or a tight dress or top. If you´re male or have to wear it over your clothes, just use ribbons or better: transparent bra straps, which are more invisible and you can easily change their size

How do care for my wings? 

Due to the material and the production small imperfections like air bubbles, wrinkles or welded dust are normal, but it won´t harm the look of your wings. For the air bubbles, please avoid bending the membrane. They are quite flexible but bending will lead to more air in your wings. Air bubbles can be removed by using a heat gun (hair dryer will also work) and smooth on the surface (please wear gloves for your safety), but always keep moving the heat so it will not be burned.

When your wings get dirty, simply wipe them with a damp cloth, water and mild soap.

Only bend your wings at the bottom of the wire and do not overbend them.

As the are made out of different plastic films, don´t leave them in a hot car.

How do I have to pay my wings?

As the commissions are custom made I need a deposit of 50% at the beginning of your commission month. When the wings are finished, you pay the second half and the shipping costs. This gives me the safety that you you won´t drop your commission and I can order the material. You can pay via Paypal or bank tranfer when you are German. I do not offer installment plans.

Do you rent your wings?

Yes, I have a big collection of wings, costumes and accessories which can be rent but only if you´re from the EU. I have a renting contact which need to be signed first. The renting conditions for customer photoshootings you find here on the website. For collaborations please contact me via e-mail.